Clover & Aloe Spin Swirl Cold Process

The spin swirl technique refers to pouring layers of soap into the mold, then spinning the soap to create a unique design. The key to the spin swirl is a slow-moving recipe and fragrance oil that does not accelerate trace. This Clover and Aloe Spin Swirl Soap is made with the new Clover and Aloe Fragrance Oil, which behaves wonderfully in cold process. I also like to use a lazy Susan for this project – it really helps with spinning motion!

What You Need:
9 Bar Birchwood Mold + Dividers
Silicone Liner for 9 Bar Mold
16 oz. Canola Oil (40%)
0.8 oz. Castor Oil (2%)
8 oz. Coconut Oil (20%)
8 oz. Palm Oil (20%)
4 oz. Rice Bran Oil (10%)
3.2 oz. Sweet Almond Oil (8%)
5.5 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Lye
13.2 oz. Distilled Water
2.5 oz. Clover and Aloe Fragrance Oil
Titanium Dioxide
Kermit Green Mica
Evergreen Mica
Black Oxide
Optional: Sodium Lactate