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An international company which focuses its interests mainly on Soap Noodles, Toilet Soaps, Multipurpose & Laundry soaps, Palm Oil and its derivative products to various customers across the Globe. PT Orson Indonesia provides reliable quality products supplied in a cost effective manner that is of great advantage and satisfaction to our customers

Due to this excellent foundation and trust worthy practices, PT Orson Indonesia have been rapidly expanding into international markets with growing sales. It is our aspiration to establish as quality palm oil and Oleo chemicals products exporter from Indonesia.

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Proudly presents some of our products:

Our commitment to Quality is our commitment to Success.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality Oleo chemical products by assuring their quality, consistency and value. This commitment is essential to our continued growth and success. We will ensure that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to our stringent quality standards. We will maintain these high quality standards as we design and manufacture our products by the most efficient means possible to ensure Orson remains the destination for cost efficient Oleo chemical products. We constantly seek ways to improve in every aspect of our business, from design, manufacturing and quality control to customer service and support.

Daily Palm Oil Price

pricing datesettlement price (RM)
Mon, 28 Aug 20172738
Fri, 25 Aug 20172750
Tue, 26 Sep 20172749
Mon, 25 Sep 20172691
Fri, 22 Sep 20172737